2014 Tailgater of the Week #3Oct 12 - Carolina Panthers

Jim and Marlene are Michiganders who have crossed south of the border to share in the love for Bengals football and Cincinnati style chili. They are the Mama and Papa to Mama Riss. Though Lions fans at heart, once their daughter became enriched in a Cincinnati sports family, the duo joined right in and offered everything from grilling tips to decorating advice for their daughter and son in law's Bengals-themed man cave. Marlene is an expert cookie baker, swimmer, accordian player, and dancer (Electric slide anyone?). Jim is a retired engineer, consumer advocate, and handy man at heart, but don't get him near a grill or ask him to cook anything! Give them a few minutes and the spritely couple will dish on anything from homemade Polish eats to their first Bengals tailgate experience several years ago (hint: it included a rickshaw ride to the stadium!). Always the best, say hello to Jim and Marlene this week!

Favorite Thing About Tailgating:
Spending quality time with our daughter and son in law.
Rochester Hills, Michigan