2014 Tailgater of the Week #5Nov 2 - Jacksonville Jaguars

Steve has been a season ticket holder since 2003. My friends (Ernie and Phil) and I bought seat licenses in 2004; we bought tickets off of someone for the 2003 season. We were immediately hooked on football. I watched the 2003 season with a sense of dread and hope... Corey Dillon fell apart that year, we were dependant on Jon Kitna, dreadful days to me. But, Carson Palmer was in the wings, dubbed "the Great White Hope". I bought the seat license to see this guy play. We watched the 2004 draft at the stadium from our current seats. There were 3 seats in a cozy corner of the stadium and we knew the potential. We bought the seats that day. My ticket bros have changed up a little, but it's all for good reasons. Since the dawn of my football experience, we have been bounced around the parking lots, never really finding a tailgating home until the Skujins' invited us in from the tailgating cold. (We used to sit in my car and just pound beers by our lonesome.) We have matured in our tailgating experiences, mostly... Some days I still get a little juvenile with my drinks, but hey, it's football! Meeting up with the Janis and Riss has been an absolute pleasure and has taken the football experience to a new level. Regardless of how the Bengals play, I am guaranteed to have a great day, because of Mama and Greg's cooking and the Skujin-love of football.
Favorite Thing About Tailgating:
I really enjoy the food and spending time with friends a lot, but I think my favourite thing about tailgating is the "honest" talk about the Bengals. There are a lot of diehard fans out there that think the Bengals should be undefeated every game, every year with 50 Super Bowls, but Janis and Riss can talk realistically about the Bengals and their chances. I appreciate the fact that you can converse about the Bengals at the tailgate and it be valid discussions.
Crestview, KY