The Tailgaters of the Week

Mama Riss loves tailgaters. Come back each week to see who the tailgater of the week is. Care to be one? Well come on over to Lot A!

2015 Tailgater of the Week #1--Sept 20 - San Diego Chargers

2015 Tailgater of the Week #1Sept 20 - San Diego Chargers

Busting into the world this offseason, Kit Kat is one of the newest and most intense Bengals fans around. Whether it's yelling at the TV during a scoring play, demanding nourishment after an AJ Green touchdown or simply napping when the game is out of reach, this girl shows her stripes on a daily basis. Known for her otherwordly gameday charm and extensive knowledge of NFL themed pacifiers, this girl will be a lifelong supporter of the orange and black!
Favorite Thing About Tailgating
Food and napping.
2014 Tailgater of the Week #1--Sept 14 - Atlanta Falcons

2014 Tailgater of the Week #1Sept 14 - Atlanta Falcons

Welcome to the 1st Tailgaters of the Week! J and Riss were nominated by their cats Oscar and Webster (both massive Bengals fans, obviously). They enjoy quiet nights in the Bengals-themed man cave sipping 1988 Hu Dey beer, along with staring at their Boomer and Ickey Starting Lineup figures that sit just across from the orange felt pool table. Come say hello to the couple - they love new tailgate visitors and all are welcome to the party!
Favorite Thing About Tailgating
Just one thing? GREAT FRIENDS, old and new. Any kind of new recipes that people have to offer. Orange jello shots. Bright orange shoes. Anyone who can do a solid Ickey Shuffle. Discussion of how the Bengals can make it to Arizona this year. Leave your east coast NFL bias at home. Who dey!
Lebanon, Ohio

2014 Tailgater of the Week #2Sept 21 - Tennessee Titans

Greg is a 44 year old middle aged dude that lives for family and FOOTBALL. Often seen tailgating and game viewing with his wingman and 12-year old son. Prides self on grilling expertise and to be a part of the best 'portable tailgate' possible. Fun fact: He will only drink Bud Light BENGALS cans once the preseason starts! Father has had season tickets since ~1984; Bought in with his own PSL's at the opening of Paul Brown Stadium. He's been through the best of times and the worst of times never losing hope. Has endured the 2, 3, 4... win seasons but never really considered giving it up. "Next game is the game we turn this around" has been his stubborn mindset during those bleak years.

Who Dey?! is his battle cry and it will never waver!!
Favorite Thing About Tailgating
Good friends and always supporting our BENGALS
Centerville, OH
2014 Tailgater of the Week #3--Oct 12 - Carolina Panthers

2014 Tailgater of the Week #3Oct 12 - Carolina Panthers

Jim and Marlene are Michiganders who have crossed south of the border to share in the love for Bengals football and Cincinnati style chili. They are the Mama and Papa to Mama Riss. Though Lions fans at heart, once their daughter became enriched in a Cincinnati sports family, the duo joined right in and offered everything from grilling tips to decorating advice for their daughter and son in law's Bengals-themed man cave. Marlene is an expert cookie baker, swimmer, accordian player, and dancer (Electric slide anyone?). Jim is a retired engineer, consumer advocate, and handy man at heart, but don't get him near a grill or ask him to cook anything! Give them a few minutes and the spritely couple will dish on anything from homemade Polish eats to their first Bengals tailgate experience several years ago (hint: it included a rickshaw ride to the stadium!). Always the best, say hello to Jim and Marlene this week!

Favorite Thing About Tailgating
Spending quality time with our daughter and son in law.
Rochester Hills, Michigan
2014 Tailgater of the Week #4--Oct 26 - Baltimore Ravens

2014 Tailgater of the Week #4Oct 26 - Baltimore Ravens

Jay was a Chicago Bears fan growing up, but since moving to Cincinnati in 1997, he has somehow been sucked into the Bengals’ fandom vortex… becoming a season ticket holder in 2008 (hardly the bandwagon years).  Jay has held seat licenses in 3 different sections in the stadium, settling for row 3 in poor-man’s-club section 203.  He began his tailgating escapades with former tailgater of the week, Greg Pfarrer, and that tradition started in the $5 Court Street lot (10th street equivalent).   His son Brock is his default wingman, and has been going to games since he was 6 (2007).  His lovely wife, Kim, has also converted to a Bengals fan and makes an occasional tailgate cameo appearance.
Favorite Thing About Tailgating
West Chester, OH
2014 Tailgater of the Week #5--Nov 2 - Jacksonville Jaguars

2014 Tailgater of the Week #5Nov 2 - Jacksonville Jaguars

Steve has been a season ticket holder since 2003. My friends (Ernie and Phil) and I bought seat licenses in 2004; we bought tickets off of someone for the 2003 season. We were immediately hooked on football. I watched the 2003 season with a sense of dread and hope... Corey Dillon fell apart that year, we were dependant on Jon Kitna, dreadful days to me. But, Carson Palmer was in the wings, dubbed "the Great White Hope". I bought the seat license to see this guy play. We watched the 2004 draft at the stadium from our current seats. There were 3 seats in a cozy corner of the stadium and we knew the potential. We bought the seats that day. My ticket bros have changed up a little, but it's all for good reasons. Since the dawn of my football experience, we have been bounced around the parking lots, never really finding a tailgating home until the Skujins' invited us in from the tailgating cold. (We used to sit in my car and just pound beers by our lonesome.) We have matured in our tailgating experiences, mostly... Some days I still get a little juvenile with my drinks, but hey, it's football! Meeting up with the Janis and Riss has been an absolute pleasure and has taken the football experience to a new level. Regardless of how the Bengals play, I am guaranteed to have a great day, because of Mama and Greg's cooking and the Skujin-love of football.
Favorite Thing About Tailgating
I really enjoy the food and spending time with friends a lot, but I think my favourite thing about tailgating is the "honest" talk about the Bengals. There are a lot of diehard fans out there that think the Bengals should be undefeated every game, every year with 50 Super Bowls, but Janis and Riss can talk realistically about the Bengals and their chances. I appreciate the fact that you can converse about the Bengals at the tailgate and it be valid discussions.
Crestview, KY
2014 Tailgater of the Week #7--Dec 7 - Pittsburgh Steelers

2014 Tailgater of the Week #7Dec 7 - Pittsburgh Steelers

Larry and Teri have been Bengals fans for a long time. This is their second year as season ticket holders when Teri's uncle sold two of their seats.. Teri is Greg's cousin and they love tailgating before games. We can't imagine not coming to games now. Recently they moved to Columbus but still drive to watch their Bengals. Miller Lite and Brats are part of the experience of the day. It has been so fun meeting so many new people and sharing the Bengal experience. Mama Riss and Janis make a great tailgating experience. We would never go anywhere else!!
Favorite Thing About Tailgating
Janis and his jello shots and just being with other Bengal fans getting ready for a Bengal win.
Waverly and Cincinnati, OH
2014 Tailgater of the Week #8--Dec 22 - Denver Broncos

2014 Tailgater of the Week #8Dec 22 - Denver Broncos

Since moving back to Ohio, Kevin ("Westy") and Susan ("Suse") are becoming regulars at Mama Riss tailgates. A huge Bengals fan dating back to the mid-80s, Westy is thrilled to be just a stone's throw away from the Jungle. The couple recently moved from Chicago to Beavercreek, OH. A true Bengals couple, the two had one of their first "unofficial" dates at PBS in 2006 when the Bengals defeated the Baltimore Ravens 13-7 on a rainy Thursday night showdown. A proud Southerner (and Georgia Bulldog), Suse brings her GA swag to the tailgates. While 8 years in the Midwest has had a slight impact, if you listen close, you will still hear some "Y'alls" dropped every now and then. A brief historical tidbit...Westy and Janis were former rivals on the baseball field growing up (The final record between Westy's Carroll Patriots and Janis' Beavercreek Sox is still up for debate). The two set aside their differences after they reconnected at Miami University. Westy and Suse wish you all a Happy WHO-DEY!!
Favorite Thing About Tailgating
Enjoying Food and Drink with great friends (while meeting new ones), Dominating Corn Hole Games, Listening to DJ Janis spin his musical mixes, Occasional (civilized) political discussions/debates, Seeing the amazing throwback jerseys/attire that true Bengals fans have held onto for years, and Conversing with "Big Daddy" when he shows up.
Westy: Kettering, OH; Suse: Carrollton, GA
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