What is the origin of Mama Riss?

Mama Riss was born from a dream that tailgates should always be awesome, welcoming and full of style and class. Once upon a time in Lincoln Park, Chicago, Mama Riss was born. Riss and J would host fellow Bengals fans at their condo, serving up Skyline and all the local cuisine. Since most of the friends who came over to watch the game were guys, Riss became "Mama" to the boys. As we grew up and moved back to Ohio, the nickname stuck and Mama Riss continued cooking up tailgate masterpieces. In 2013, with the help of many, many awesome friends the legend was truly born somewhere between the 9:30am orange jello shot and the 11:30am fire engine meatball hoagie.

Where are we located?

Every home game we start the party at 9am in Lot A (the lot directly north of Paul Brown Stadium). We always park under the large highway pillar in the northwest corner of the lot. Look for an orange and black tailgate canopy, a flag with the Mama Riss logo hanging from the canopy, a black pickup truck and plenty of Who Dey love. Just walk up, ask for J or Riss, and have fun!

Why are we awesome?

#1 We're Bengals fans (We are season ticket holders and our man cave is a collectors paradise).
#2 We're Bengals fans who love to tailgate with style (think wine and cheese crowd with a little Budweiser thrown in). #3 We have the best food in town (cincinnati.com gave us a shout!) – check out some of our favorite dishes in the Recipes section. #4 We welcome fans from all teams with open arms (and open plates/cups). Come join us next game!

What should I bring to your awesome tailgate?

No need to bring anything! But if you want, beverages and a side dish are always welcome. Or any kind of cool Bengals donation to the tailgate atmosphere is welcome.

I love the tailgate, but how can I feel the Mama Riss spirit during the week?

We'll upload pictures from each tailgate to the site after every home game, so check back for some pics of yourself! Also, follow us on twitter @Mama_Riss and Instagram @Mama_Riss_Tailgate for pictures and misc Bengals tidbits. If you have some great recipes to share for future tailgates, email us and we'll include them on the site.

And remember to #mamariss on all your Instagram pictures on gameday and beyond to have them pushed real-time to the Gallery section on this site!